December 31, 2009

nice rack.

with my jewelry collection slowly increasing, i needed a way to keep my necklaces from getting all tangled up. so, i bought a cheap bulletin board from target, and revamped it into a jewelry board!


December 27, 2009

back on the needle.

after an extended crafting hiatus due to exhaustion & stress, i was itching to start stitching! these are a few things that i've been working on lately!

wall hangings for my new apartment!

(please excuse my atrocious photography/wall hanging skills!)

door hanging for my cousin.

and one for her sister too!

make-up bag for my friend amber! amber is ridiculously talented with cosmetic artistry (she hordes make-up like i horde craft supplies!), and loves things that are gory & girly.

she has glitter running through her veins.
my first successful attempt at metallic thread!

*pink widow* on the back corner, under the zipper.