December 31, 2009

nice rack.

with my jewelry collection slowly increasing, i needed a way to keep my necklaces from getting all tangled up. so, i bought a cheap bulletin board from target, and revamped it into a jewelry board!


December 27, 2009

back on the needle.

after an extended crafting hiatus due to exhaustion & stress, i was itching to start stitching! these are a few things that i've been working on lately!

wall hangings for my new apartment!

(please excuse my atrocious photography/wall hanging skills!)

door hanging for my cousin.

and one for her sister too!

make-up bag for my friend amber! amber is ridiculously talented with cosmetic artistry (she hordes make-up like i horde craft supplies!), and loves things that are gory & girly.

she has glitter running through her veins.
my first successful attempt at metallic thread!

*pink widow* on the back corner, under the zipper.

April 20, 2009

March 18, 2009

tattooed potholders.

i made these as a housewarming gift for elissa & nick, who just moved into their first house!


make me a reusable shopping bag swap.

these are the bags i made for the reusable shopping bag swap on craftster.

i used a green floral/polka dot fabric on both bags [it might be hard to see, but the polka dots are made up of tiny flowers], and lined each with a contrasting fabric, and made coordinating straps.

each bag is about 14" wide & 20" long, with 14" straps.

black floral with green floral/polka dot lining & straps

green floral/polka dot with brown floral lining & straps


March 17, 2009

sewing project 02!

i finished my second-ever sewing project -- reusable shopping bags for a craftster swap!
pictures tomorrow!


February 9, 2009

deck out your kitchen swap.

my partner for the deck out your kitchen swap on craftster received her package today. here are some of the goodies i sent her.

the whole lot. i sent 4 embroidered placemats, a recipe binder, a dish towel, potholders, sparkly resin magnets, simple wall hangings & a few extras.
[miss deanna took this photo of her items]

placemats -- i made 2 of each color.

dish towel.

reversible potholders.
my first sewing project!


January 7, 2009


i have been toying with the idea of opening an etsy shop.
friends of mine have suggested it, and i love making things for other people.
but, i'm not sure if my quality of work is up to par -- i'm intimidated by the talent of the amazing ladies i've seen on there!

i welcome suggestions/feedback.