July 30, 2010

renegade -- san francisco!

i attended my first renegade craft fair in december, and was amazed! there were *so* many brilliant & creative vendors (i left with a hefty stack of business cards!), and i've been waiting for the next one ever since!

i'm especially excited that two of my favorite bloggers will be there!

amy of style crush & elsie of a beautiful mess

elsie's blog makes me all warm & fuzzy inside, and is constantly an inspiration! <3

hopefully i won't be too nervous to talk to them! ;)

maybe i'll see you there on sunday!


July 11, 2010

hello sailor.

i love sweater guards/clips! they're so retro & fun!
i'm a bit obsessed with all things nautical, so i took these necklace charms, and turned them into an adorable brooch/clip combo.


July 10, 2010

classy as f#@%

i got these pretty cocktail napkins on sale at target a few years ago. i knew they'd end up with something embroidered, but i could never decide quite what i wanted to stitch.

then, i had the idea to put something dirty, on something so pretty.

i love the delicate touch of yellow & gray swrirlies in the corners.


July 2, 2010

summer camp -- 02

this is the second project i've finished for red velvet summer camp -- tea light lanterns from re-purposed jars!

i used one jar i already had, and got the rest for less than $3 at a local thrift shop. since our outdoor color scheme is going to be yellow & gray {current WIP: yellow chairs with gray stenciled designs}, i used various black, gray & white pearl beads on the handles. i filled the jars with yellow glass beads, white pearls & black sand.

i love how they turned out, and hope to enjoy many outdoor meals by candlelight!


grilled pizza.

when the weather is nice, i absolutely love eating outdoors.
now that i've finally got my own (small) patio, the man-friend and i are working to create a cute little outdoor space.
i've also been spending a lot more time in the kitchen, making yummy homemade meals.

this is the first meal we enjoyed outside -- grilled pizza with basil pesto & ricotta!