October 5, 2008

i needed a fix.

after finishing up the craftster swap, i was going through stitch withdrawl!
i had an idea for my next project, but i'm still waiting for the item i ordered to come in the mail.
so, i made this little goodie to get me through until then.

whenever i stitch on the go, i carry all of my supplies in a little shopper tote, and have needles and floss just kicking around at the bottom of the bag.
i decided it was time for a small upgrade. :)
now i can carry around all of my little accessories in this cute pouch!
and i already have ideas for a coordinating tote!



sewphie said...

I love that pattern and the scissors you've added give it some edge. Nice job ;)

Katie Kutthroat said...

i love this.. you did a great job!

Jinxi Boo said...

Oh my gosh, your work is SO FANTASTIC! I can't wait to go through more of your blogs to see other beautiful creations!

Thank you for the super kind words regarding our silly "Wife Swap" show (he he)... I soooo appreciate your support and sweetness!

Hugs and winx, Jinxi